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べルクマン アンネグレート(Annegret Bergmann)

べルクマン アンネグレート(Annegret Bergmann)

ドイツ人 1961生まれ。

German, born 1961.
After completing the two-year Japanese Language Program at the Japanese Language Institute at Sophia University, Tokyo, Translator Diploma for Japanese at the Institute for Oriental Studies, Bonn University, Germany. 1989 Master of Arts in Japanese Studies, Bonn University. 1990-1992, Scholarship of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Anne conducted research at Waseda University on ‘Theatre as Private Enterprise in Japan’. She participated in the “Japanese German Dictionary” Project at the German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo and was a free-lancer at the NHK shortwave Radio Program in German. Anne is currently conducting research on Cultural Policy in Japan.
Anne is fascinated by the magnificence and variety of Japanese performing arts and is enthusiastic to promote and introduce the performing arts to a broader international audience.

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